The login window in a WKWebView on macOS is sometimes broken

I am showing the login window in a native desktop app on macOS Catalina in a WKWebView with an URL in the following form:

Sometimes the login screen appears with only a pink square a the top:

When I resize the window, or attach the Safari developer debugger the webview resizes and looks ok:

When I set the window width greater than 480 the contents change to the inset login window and the problem goes away.

When I reload the page it randomly changes between broken and ok state.

How can I make sure that the webview looks ok all the time with window size smaller than 480 pixels?

Thanks in advance for your help.
Markus Kirschner

Hey there Markus!

Can you tell us what docs / repo / quickstarts of ours are you using? Thanks!

Hey there!

Have you managed to get past your struggle in the meantime?

Hi Konrad,
no. It just happens sometimes. Regarding the previous question: I am calling the plain URL constructed according to your documents and opening them in an WKWebView.
Not sure what I should add here.
I works 90 % of the time, however in 10 % our customers would get stuck so I need to get a fix for this.

Can you tell me what SDK you’re using our the quickstart you’re using so we can file potentially a GitHub issue for that? Thanks!

I do not use an SDK, just plain HTTP requests.

Gotchya! I guess it’s simply not optimized for this variety of screens but let me reach out to appropriate teams!

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I was having this exact same problem here:

This was using any mobile iOS browser - Chrome or Safari on all iOS devices for 50% of my iOS logins.

It eventually “just stopped” happening so I was no longer able to recreate to show the Auth0 team, but there is a real problem here on the Auth0 side.

EDIT TO ADD: Try using the “Universal Login” instead of the classic login. That always works.


@markus.kirschner can you let me know how it behaves when you switch to Universal Login then?

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@konrad.sopala I was under the impression, that I was using the universal login. How would I do that?