The login button is inaccessible on mobile

I’m working with several clients that use Auth0 as their identity provider and some have raised an issue with the login page specifically on iPhones and on some Android devices. Example screenshot below:

Note that the login button is below the fold and inaccessible. This means that many less technical iPhone users feel that they cannot login and end up contacting our clients’ support desks.

Here’s another example from one of Auth0’s larger clients,

I’ve seen other people raise this issue before but those reports were marked as resolved. Is there a way to resolve this in our config or is it something that Auth0 need to fix?

If the latter, how do I go about reporting a bug to them for this?

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4 months and no response… issue still present. Great to see Okta’s influence at work here.

Maybe we’ll start advising clients more towards alternatives like Azure AD B2C instead. After all, they do offer far more MAUs for the price than Auth0 does. The only reason we’ve used Auth0 so far was the ease of use, but that gap is rapidly closing. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: