The Developer-First Identity Platform – Auth0's Story and Future

To celebrate our Series E, CTO and Co-founder @matiasw looks back at the evolution of our developer-first identity platform, illustrates our vision, illustrates our vision and unveils what’s next for Auth0 after this funding :rocket:

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Good morning! I would like the say that I love your platform: it makes it very easy to implement what otherwise would be a lengthy and costly endeavor, of which the result would very probably still be full of security issues. Plus, features such as rules, role-based access control, hooks, very very nice.

But since you are a developer centric platform, I would like to suggest that you have an API to retrieve the id token in the Auth0 Single Page App SDK. There are some platforms, such as Hasura whose authorization systems accept jwt tokens with custom claims on them, and access tokens don’t work with them. The auth0-js library allows us to retrieve the id token, but the auth0-spa’s API is much easier to use, and to use correctly. Due to this limitation, I needed to resort to using Firebase, even though I would love to continue using Auth0 to handle my system’s needs.

Thanks a lot @marcusmonteirodesouz for providing that feedback! I’ll make sure to get it relayed to appropriate team to take it into account!

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