Testing social (FB, Google) and DB (Auth0) connections all fail with unauthorized, access denied

I followed the directions for setting up Google and FB social connections and they’re both failing and I don’t have a clue why. The same error is happening with the database connection. I deleted the existing DB user. When I tested it and signed up I received the same failure message but I did receive a confirm your new account email which I responded to. Then trying the db connection again to sign in it also failed.

In the dashboard I can see the new sign up and new login for the failed db connection tests.

I wonder if my Auth0 account is set up correctly? It’s been a long time since I originally signed up. I’m suspicious the error may be caused by a account set up problem and not the connection.

Thanks for any ideas.

Hello @rmercer33,

Is there much ‘stuff’ (applications, rules, etc.) in your tenant? You could try creating a new tenant and testing there.

Are there any relevant logs that you can share?

Thanks @markd,

I created a new tenant and all the connections are working. Must have messed the previous one up while playing around - and that was more than a year ago.

I’m smiling now, thanks for your help.


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