Test Users: Best Practices


I am working on a project as a QA engineer, and in the context of this project, the QA team needs to be able to generate test personas that will log in and log out from Auth0.

Our version of Auth0 is limited (Free Auth0 plan) and, therefore, we regularly get 429 rate limit errors. We are also limited by the number of users than can be created per month (typically we would like to be able to generate users on the fly, test them, then delete them. Thousands of them).

What are, in your opinion, the best practices when testing personas authenticated through Auth0?

Thank you very much.

Hey there :slight_smile:

The only thing I guess we can suggest here in terms of such numbers of users without having to pay is that when you create a free account you get to experience all features (up to Enterprise) that should be available for something like 20 days and thus you will be able to test what you want


To be honest it’s not really helpful response. I believe author is referring to continuous automated tests generating one time users that authenticate once and never again.

I’m seconding here. Our tests consume over 80% of the plan at the moment. Is it possible to get an amount of test users or count a user from the second login?


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