Best practices for alpha testing Auth0?

Hi there, does anyone have any suggestions on the best way to alpha test Auth0 for a subset of users before rolling it out to all users?? Is it possible to do this without having to send out a link and instructing people to login using the new link?

Thank you!

Hi @katielorish,

Welcome to the Community! Can you provide more details on your use case? Is this an existing app that is already using Auth0 for authentication and authorization?

Hey Mark - thanks so much for your quick response earlier this year and apologies for not getting back until just now. My company launched Auth0 for internal user authentication in Q2 and we’re now working on launching it for our external users (our members/customers) and I have a similar question that I was wondering if you (or someone else) could help with.

We’re working on launching user authentication for our members/customers–this will be done through our web and mobile app interface. Our major concern is making sure this doesn’t impact the login experience and users experience a seamless login experience. The piece of this that I am in charge of is managing the rollout to our customers. Ideally, we’d want to do this with a small group of users and monitor success before launching to additional groups of users. Do you have any thoughts on how I should be thinking about this?

Lastly, I am not well-versed in the more technical aspects of Auth0. My domain in my company is in change mgmt and managing analytics around product rollouts. Thank you for any advice you have!