Terraform auth0_client resource and the effect of organization_usage and custom_login_page_on

Problem statement

We are integrating Auth0 with Terraform. While integrating with resource: auth0_client, we are unclear on the below values:

  1. organization_usage
  2. custom_login_page_on
    Could you please help us understand usage and where these values are available in the Auth0 dashboard?


The ‘organization_usage’ option defines the behavior for this application regarding Organizations. In the Auth0 Dashboard, you will find it under Applications > Choose your application > Organizations tab > “What type of end-users will access this application?”. These are the equivalents for the options in Terraform and the Dashboard UI:
deny → Individuals for personal use
allow → Both
require → Team members of organizations

Regarding the ‘custom_login_page_on’ option, you can’t customize this option from the Dashboard UI, you can only change this using the Auth0 Management API. This is an optional setting, you don’t need to include it when using the ‘auth0_client’ resource. If set to true, this indicates that if you set a custom login page for this specific application using the ‘custom_login_page’ option, that will be used instead of the one configured for the tenant.

If there is no custom HTML set for ‘custom_login_page’, ‘custom_login_page_on’ has no effect.