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Universal Login Deployment via Management API


We are using Auth0 at Oblong Industries and are happy with it thus far!

We are looking to version control our Universal Login page, and found articles related to versioning with Gitlab, Github and a few more (, but we use Terraform for a lot of our deployment in the cloud.

We are beginning to contribute to this community supported provider:

We are wondering if there is an API endpoint to load in HTML templates for Universal logins by Tenancy. It looks like one can PATCH changes to the ‘colors’ associated with the tenancy, but not actually change the HTML file template.

Is there support for this out there? Are we missing some documentation pages?

Thanks so much in advance!

Hey there @cmagorian!

As far as I know unfortunately I believe there isn’t but let me do some research and make sure!

Yep so I checked both our APIs and the only option you have regarding universal login is the endpoint you mentioned:!/Tenants/patch_settings

What you require is not doable with single API endpoint however you can always relay that feedback providing as much context as possible to our product team directly via our feedback site:

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