Deploying a custom login page using Terraform

Feature: add option for deploying a custom login page using Terraform.

Description: The property custom_login_page on client All Applications cannot be deployed using the current Terraform provder provided by Auth0.

Use-case: For customers using custom login pages with the Classic Universal Login experience this would be the preferred method of deploying the login page.


resource "auth0_branding" "my_brand" {
   custom_login_page {
      html = file("login.html")

auth0_branding | Resources | auth0/auth0 | Terraform Registry

Thanks for the feedback @ev-hje!

Looking through the Terraform docs there is auth0_global_client. Which houses the custom_login_page that you are looking for.

To get the global client id you go to “Tenant Settings” > “Advanced” > “Global Client Information”