Tenant name taken by old account

How can I release the tenant name “*****” taken by my previous account “webmaster@****.cl”. This account was deleted (I no longer have access)

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Hey @felipe-quiroz !

Unfortunately it’s not possible to reuse tenants. If your account was deleted you can no longer use the tenant. A better option in the future will be resetting the tenant. Here’s more on that: Delete or Reset Tenants

Holy crap this is horrific user experience. I literally just signed up tonight, created a tenant I wanted to use and then realized I was not using an account that should own that tenant so I attempted to look for a way to change my login email and could not find one (also poor user experience). After finding I couldn’t easily change my email I figured I should just delete the tenant and create a new account using the correct email. Lo and behold I can’t use the tenant now?! This experience is complete trash.


I have the same issue!
Did not know how to change or add an email to my user account.

In the documentation, the example image does not even show this warning!

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Hey @h.n.c.cox and @andrew8

I replied in another thread you are involved in: Reuse deleted tenant - #4 by konrad.sopala

Once more sorry for the inconvenience and feel free to submit feedback directly to our product team!

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