Target application URL available on New UL?

I’ve got the need to provide a “skip” link on MFA enrollment. I don’t want to hardcode the destination URL because of issues with multiple environments (dev, test, prod) having different target URLs. Is there a way to pass the URL to be used in a template, customized though the Auth0 branding CLI? I know this value exists in the application, but haven’t been able to find it wired up to the front end templating.

Hi @alanl,

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You can render additional information in the header/footer using page templates.

This would allow you to pass a URL in the footer when a specific prompt is displayed (i.e. the MFA enrollment prompt). Would that work for you?

Hi @dan.woda. Thanks for the welcome and reply. Yes the page templates would work well for me, and in fact I’ve already got things set up to conditionally output on the pages that I need. What I don’t have available to me, from what I can tell, is access to some of the application information that would allow me to build the URL for me. We’re using the “realm” variable to designate our connection, which allows us to use the same application, but point it at different environments. I want to leverage that realm variable to build out my URL. I’m thinking that application (client) metadata might be a point of entry for the information, but don’t know how to make that application metadata value respond to the current realm.

Application metadata is used to store general information about the client, and wont be specific to the realm, if I understand correctly how you have everything set up.

I think this may be the real crux of the issue. Typically, customers will create separate tenants for each environment. This helps to separate things logically, and ensures that users aren’t shared across the environments. Additionally, it ensures that changes to your application settings wont effect the prod environment.

It doesn’t appear possible to access the realm variable in the page template.