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Tableau - SAML Integration doesn't work with IE11 on Win7



We have used a SSO solution to have Single Sign On between Custom SPA website and Tableau using Auth0 as IDP (UserName-Password). This works in all IE11 on Win10 Operating System, however IE11 on Windows 7 doesn’t seem to work. We tried looking in the network traffic and it seems to go in an infinite loop and continuously downloading scripts.


With regards to IE 11 the most common thing to lookout for is different configurations across machines. For example, in a set machines some of the domains that are used during authentication are treated as belonging all to the same security zone while in another set of machines the same does not occur.

Having said that your case seems to be a bit different so you may want to update the question with which requests trigger the loops and what gets continuously downloaded. In addition also make sure that you’re running the latest IE 11 version available.


Thank You for the quick reply.

The issue seems to happen on IE11 with Windows7 combination only, it is working fine on IE11 and Windows 10. And yes, IE11 is up to date with the latest patches. We have validated it on multiple Windows 7 PCs across different locations (with in intranet, outside intranet), the issue is persistent and occurs across the board.

Basically Authentication completes and as the page is supposed to render Tableau content, it goes in a loop (our guess is the SAML token is not getting passed and so its trying to get it)

With respect to scripts, following 9 calls go in loop