IE11 Does not sign in Auth0 User


I have an OpenIdConnect, Auth0 implementation using core 2 and it’s working correctly in all major browsers except IE11. For IE11 when I click on the button to take me to my external IDP provider for login the browser window does a series of redirects and then ultimately just redirects back to the login page. I never have a chance to type in credentials, and of course no user is authenticated in the system.

Also, there are no errors in the network tab of IE11.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Hi @rramirez,

Usually this happens post authentication, usually caused by an error occurring or a config issue in the application. This results in the authenticated user not having a valid session in the application, prompting the application to redirect the user for authentication, and the cycle begins.

As this is happening pre-authentication and for only IE11, I would check you’re not switching protocols between HTTP and HTTPS during requests, including checking all configured callback URLs in Auth0 and URLs being sent by your application are using the same scheme.

I would also recommend generating a HAR file to see if that reveals anything

If you haven’t done so already, enabling logging in your ASP.NET Core app may show something

Hope this helps!