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Swift Compiler Warning



I am getting these warnings a couple of months ago, Ive try different versions of auth0 and lock for mobile(currently using: auth0: 2.4 and Lock: 1.8), and it keeps happening no matter what I do, funny thing is that if I download any sample project you don’t get these warnings, so my question is: what is required to do in order to fix them?


There is nothing to worry about with these warnings, they show code that is deprecated in the library. In time these will disappear from the library once this code moves from deprecated to removed.


@walsh , can you explain me a little bit further what does it mean that these code is going to be removed? you meant in future versions of Auth0 and Lock? what If I try to fix it by my self? is it recommended?


@jchirinos warnings may appear a little unsightly, but please don’t try to ‘Fix’ them as there is nothing to fix. There is no benefit to your project other than making some yellow triangles disappear from Xcode as it’s all internal legacy code in the Libraries.

In a future major version of Auth0/Lock we may retire this code that we consider out dated (currently marked as deprecated).