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Support for creating an Auth0 API entity through the Management API



As part of doing some speculative work to automate making an Auth0 environment consistent, I realized that Auth0 API entities ( are not able to be created via the Management API ( My goal is to create a program that can check for the existence of and create/update accordingly all of the configuration that would manually be done in the Dashboard, and this API creation being absent will not allow me accomplish the goal. Management in the Dashboard for setting up Auth0 is great when you are just getting to know the product, but in order to create identical environments programmatically, this is a must have in order to use Auth0 in my solution. Any suggestions?


You can create manage Auth0 APIs (resource servers) via the management API with the /api/v2/resource-servers endpoint. You can find the full documentation here


Does the Auth0 management APIs support managing email templates and email server configuration?