Styling of password reset form

can i change text/logo/styling of the form to set a new password (accessed through the according password reset email that i already customized through the email template function)?


You should be able to customize the password reset page as needed by modifying the hosted password reset page via the dashboard. You can find additional information on customization options in the docs.

hey, thanks for supporting. can guide me a bit more on “the hosted password reset page” i don’t have such option on my dashboard!?

alright, I just found what you where referring to:

The commenting system stripped out my links, sorry about that. Here is the link to the docs I was referring to:

Hey, thanks again for pointing me into the right direction. Had setup he form a counple of days ago and it all worked. Now, all of a sudden, the form shows as logo a different image file than I specified in the source code. I cannot change it by resetting the form, it always stays the (wrong formatted) image.

Can someone help?


@jg Please ensure that the “Customize Password Reset Page” toggle is switched to the “enabled” position in the Auth0 Dashboard:

It is.
Meanwhile I figured what the rootcause was: the company logo has been set and this is now been used for the form by default. Does anybody know why the image given in the form code is not used anymore as soon as a company logo has been uploaded?


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