Stuck on 2nd Factor Authentication

I have a problem with a very simple react application setup. So I’ve created a client, connected it to the default Auth0 Management API and for some reason I get stuck on the 2nd Factor Authentication page which I didn’t configure (or unaware of default configuration). After some time it just returns a timeout error.
http://localhost:3000/callback is added to Allowed Callback URLs.


I could not reproduce the situation and in my tests the second factor authentication was only triggered/requested when it was enabled. At this time enabling multifactor means a rule is added into the list of custom rules to be executed and that rule has logic that triggers MFA so can you check that you don’t have any such rule (as an alternative if possible, you can disable them all).

If the problem persists, an HTTP capture of the authentication request may help troubleshooting the situation so you should update your question to have one. Be sure to redact any sensitive information and if you want you can also share it in a password protected file; you could then share the password through only to email addresses.

@jmangelo1 thnx for response, so in the end I managed to get rid of the problem by using auth0-lock v11.0.0-beta.3

On your recommendations: I actually deleted and newly created Client and API while trying to get rid of this problem so rules probably do not matter.