Failed Silent Auth. Multifactor authentication required error


I’m using auth0-react sdk in my react application and using universal login with MFA enabled.
After login/MFA if I don’t check “remember this device for 30 days” I get the following error

Type : Failed Silent Auth
Description : Multifactor authentication required

and get logged out of the application.

If I check the option “remember this device for 30 days” then everything works fines.
Based on my research silent auth fails when MFA is enabled. Is there any way to bypass this?

I followed to setup auth0 in my react app and based on
This is the easiest way to implement the Authorization Code Flow with PKCE.

What am I missing?


Tried the mentioned rule in

function (user, context, callback) {
  const completedMfa = !!context.authentication.methods.find(
    (method) => === 'mfa'
  if (completedMfa) {
    return callback(null, user, context);
  context.multifactor = {
    provider: 'any',
    allowRememberBrowser: false
  callback(null, user, context);

but without any luck

Experiencing the same issue with an angular app. Implementing the rule that is referenced above and in a few places throughout the boards did not resolve the issue for me either.

Hey @emb

I was able to resolve this by setting Require Multi-factor Auth to Never in the “Multi-factor Auth dashboard”.


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Thanks a lot @ashish.yadav - That’s what I was missing. I appreciate the help.


Glad you have it eventually working!

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