String variable in new universal login


is it possible to extract url variable and pass it into the description of a login page?

new user got an e-mail with a link to a specific file:

user is not registered yet, so redirection to a auth0 happens

and I want to have a “test.jpg” in description… is it possible?

Hi @lukas.selichar,

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Currently, the only way (that I know of) to customize the text in the New Universal Login is to use the Management API’s prompt endpoint: Customize Text for the New Universal Login Experience

There are a few variables that you can pass:

Variable Description
<%= ${clientName} %> Auth0 Application Name
<%= YOUR_CONNECTION_NAME %> Connection Name (e.g. Google)
<%= ${companyName} %> Auth0 Tenant name
<%= ${userName} %> Name of the logged user
<%= ${email} %> Email of the logged user
<%= ${appName} %> Name of the custom Guardian Push application

I believe you could do this by using the Classic Universal Login: Classic Universal Login Experience

Because the Classic UL is client-side, you can alter the template and JS to customize the experience.

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yeah, I was afraid that classic UL is the answer :slight_smile:
thank you very much for answer

No problem! Yes, that is the case for now. You can also submit a feature request in our brand new Feedback category as well: Feedback - Auth0 Community


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