New Universal Login vs Classic for customization


I want to

  1. direct my users to the login page or the sign up page based on the button they click.
  2. Customize the description text for the login/sign up page based on what action the user took beforehand.

I can do the first with New Universal Login. Is it possible to do the second one?

Should I switch back to Classic Universal Login or build my own custom UI? Thank you for your help!

Hi @robinhuang,

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You can customize the text of the New Universal Login Experience using the Auth0 Management API. Please refer to this doc:

Let us know if you have further questions!

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Hi Supun,

Thank you for the quick reply. But I want to customize it depending on what the user does. This API just changes it for all users. I want it to be dynamic to the user. Is that possible?

eg. User clicks on some product. Text becomes “Please login before purchasing X product”

Hi @robinhuang,

Unfortunately, that’s not possible with the New Universal Login Experience. Only a few variables available on New Universal Login Page at the moment.

You will have more customization available in the Classic Experience.

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