Login Prompt Experience (New)

Login Prompt Experience (New)

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Introduction: Answers to common questions about customization and behavior of the New Login Experience.

1. How do I customize New Universal Login Pages?

Answer: New Universal Login pages can be customized by providing a page template using the Liquid template language. Keep in mind that this can only be accomplished using the Management API and a custom domain. For more in-depth information please see this article.

2. Can Auth0 CLI be used to customize New Universal Login page templates?

Answer: Yes - Please see this article for more information.

3. Is it possible to customize default login text like “Welcome” and “Log in to X”?

Answer: Yes - Most all default text found in the New Universal Login page can be customized using the Prompt API. Please see this article for expected structure, values, variables and how to call the API.

4. How do I bypass any sort of login button and link users directly to the login screen? What if I want to redirect to a social login?

Answer: The login flow can be invoked directly by constructing an appropriate /authorize request - If no connection param is passed, this will redirect users to the Auth0 Login Page where a widget is displayed. Alternatively, if a connection parameter is passed users will be redirected to the social provider specified. More detailed information can be found here.

5. Why is there an error when redirecting users to /login directly?

Answer: If you redirect users to the /login page directly, they will get an error unless you have configured the default login route. Users should always be redirected to the appropriate /authorize request endpoint.

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