Passing data to New Universal Login Page - in any way

Hi Auth0 community.

In my company we were looking to use the Classic experience but because of the benefits of the New experience, such as web auth biometrics, it’s been decided to use the New one.

We really liked the way of passing data through the config.extraParams in the classic or even the fact of still having the redirect_uri as a URL parameter was a great feature (as it could also be used to pass data to the login page). Unfortunately, the new ULP experience removes all the url parameters when the login page loads and only leaves a state which I guess it cannot get anything from it.

I’ve been doing tons of research. Most of the “solutions” are to use the classic experience but it’s not an option for us (unless you plan to bring web auth biometrics and other features to the classic one).

So, I’d need an official confirmation:

Is there any way AT ALL to pass data dynamically (not through application metadata which would be static) to the login page in the New ULP experience?

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would also be interested in this one

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Hey there!

As far as I know unfortunately not. The new UL was designed this way to be this extra light weight version of the classic UL while classic provides more ways of customisation etc. I highly encourage you to create a feedback card for it so that our product managers can take this into account: