Store custom universal signup fields at my external database


I want to know how I can store additional signup field data at my external database, not Auth0 database?

For example, I want to get users name, subscription plan or address from Universal Signup page. I know I can do this with Lock’s additionalSignUpFields method. But I don’t want to classify them as a user metadata because of scalability and performance issues. (Since if I treat them as a user metadata they will be stored in Auth0 database).

I think these kind of data like subscription plan, username would not be considered as authentication data, right?

So is it possible to get these data from signup form and send REST API request to my server in order to store at my database after user signup?

Any other approach is also welcome, thanks!

Hi @efe_nadir,

I don’t believe there is a built-in way to do this from Universal Login, but you might want to consider progressive profiling for this, which you can read about in our docs:

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Thank you @stephanie.chamblee

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