Ssodata deprecation warnings

I’m seeing the following warning in my logs, but I’m struggling to figure out what is causing them, since from what I can tell, my app is not using /ssodata calls directly. Are there particular grant types, perhaps in older tenants, that require ssodata? I’m keen to migrate but I can’t tell what steps are required.

"type": "depnote", "description": "SSOdata endpoint: This feature is being deprecated. Please refer to our documentation to learn how to migrate your application."

More information about the upcoming deprecation (moved out to July 15), along with migration guides, can be found at the below thread:

Thank you for the additional information. I am still puzzled as to why my logs are reporting this warning, however, because I can’t see how my application uses /ssodata. Could the logs be augmented to report more information, such as the client hitting this endpoint, or some specifics about the usage so that I could better pinpoint the part of my application and fix it?

I will take that feedback to the team.

To further clarify, if you’re using Lock < 11 or using Universal Login there would be calls to /ssodata