SSO Login button doesn't show up when other connections are enabled

  • Which SDK this is regarding: lock
  • SDK Version: v11

I am trying to customize the New Universal login page, and want to have the SSO login button(for my SAML connection).

I passed the allowedConnections property to auth constructor config, as allowedConnections: ['<my-saml-connection-name>', 'Username-Password-Connection'],, now SAML button doesn’t appear.

But if i pass the allowedConnections: ['<my-saml-connection-name>'] only, the button for SAML login appears.

My use-case is, i want to have separate button for SAML or any other enterprise or social connection additional to username password fields for DB connections.

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Here are some screenshots to help understand the problem.

allowedConnections: [‘saml-connection-name’, ‘Username-Password-Connection’]

allowedConnections: [‘saml-connection-name’]