Splitting tenant.yaml


I’m trying to split tenant.yaml to separates the configuration, for example separate based on configuration section.
Would that be possible and when performing the deploy, is that mean I’ll required to run deploy command multiple times (with each yaml) or else I need to merge those separates yaml files ?
Please advice.

Thank you

HI there @deddyarief and I apologize for the delay in response,

I would love to understand more why you would like to split the tenant.yaml file and the goal you are looking to achieve? I am happy to help but I don’t currently understand the use case. Looking forward to working together on this. Thanks!

Hi James,

Apologize for the confusion.
I wanted to split the tenant.yaml into different files for the clarity of the content.
For example tenantDatabase.yaml would content the settings for connection.

Thank you

Looking into this and I’ll let you know as I find out more information.

After checking with the team @deddyarief there was the recommendation of using comments to divide up your contents within the tenant.yaml file. However if you want everything truly separated, then the directory option might be a good alternative. The directory format will separate everything into a clean folder structure with individual files for rules, connections etc. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Hi @James.Morrison

at the moment I tried with performing import two times, specifying two different yaml for each one.
So far it seems to be working fine, would that be any side effect or issue that I may overlooked with that ?

Thank you

I am not aware of any side effects or issues associated with that workflow. Thanks!

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