Deciding yaml vs. Directory Structure

We are setting up CICD with our Auth0 tenants. I’m about to export the tenant config for our repository and I’m wondering what the deciding factors are for going with yaml or Directory Structure.

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Hi @Jeff.Lembke , welcome to the community!

I believe this is primarily a personal preference, there are no features constrained to one or the other, it mainly depends on what works best for your CICD flow.

The main differences are YAML puts the vast majority of the tenant configuration into a single file with only things like email templates, rules/actions, hooks or DB scripts separated into separate files. Whereas the Directory method uses separate files for each client, connection, API/resource servers etc. in addition to the script/template files.

Directory example: auth0-deploy-cli/examples/directory at master · auth0/auth0-deploy-cli · GitHub
YAML Example: auth0-deploy-cli/examples/yaml at master · auth0/auth0-deploy-cli · GitHub


Ok, great! That’s just what I needed. Thanks you Steve.

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