Solarwinds N-Central SSO

Hi all,

We’re hoping to use Auth0 to enable SSO to Solarwinds N-Central. Has anyone had any success doing that?

N-Central can work with Active Directory. And I see that in the latest version of N-Central they say “SolarWinds N-central now supports SSO using a Google G-Suite account. Based off the OpenID Connect
protocol, this new integration allows you to easily discover, import and sign into SolarWinds N-central with G-Suite user accounts.”

Trying to work out how I can incorporate N-Central into our SSO landscape using Auth0

Thanks in advance for any thoughts!

Hi @dombanister,

I wanted to see if you ever made any headway on this for the sake of posterity. I cannot find much documentation on making this happen, but would like to have your feedback if you had any success.

Let me know,

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