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Create a SAML user in the Solarwinds Orion Platform

[](http://Create a SAML user in the Orion Platform)

To Create a SAML user in the Orion Platform you ‘just’ connect to a identity provider such as Auth0.
In Auth0 it says talk to sales.
If you look at the Auth0 Quick Starts there is no mention of SAML nothing about the certification needed and what to get those.
We are looking to use Auth0 for our 2FA, SSO glues for all our products, we also use DUO for the 2FA which was a dream to integrate. Auth0 seems to have no real documentation for the Enterprise on this matter. Has anyone had any success in this area?


Auth0’s SAML documentation is located here:

While SAML is fully supported, the QuickStarts are focussed on writing applications and using OAuth 2.0 / OIDC.


I’ve helped a number of Enterprise customers integrate with SAML (with Auth0 as the IdP or SP). Mark’s link above is a great starting point.

You can set up a SAML IdP on your free tenant without talking to sales. The SAML signing certificate is available on the application you set up to be your IdP under Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Certificates. Let me know if you have further questions about SAML configuration.

I’m not clear on what your question is about 2FA–did you already set up DUO?

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