SocketIO with Auth0

Hey all -

Are there any examples out there that show using SocketIO.js with Auth0?

I’ve got a NextJS front-end, and the issue I’m running into is that I can’t secure a socket connection to my backend server without an auth token… but you’re not supposed to expose auth tokens to the client.

Anyone have any experience with this, or have any links to example repos that address this?

Hey there!

As far as I remember we used to support that and there was a repo under auth0-community GitHub org but it’s been deprecated and archived at some point in time if I remember correctly. You can always advocate for that using our Feedback category here:

Sweet, thanks for the reply.

Do you have support any other websocket-esque frameworks for JS? I saw a mention of server-side events on your blog, do you support anything bidirectional?

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