Next.js and auth0 v9


I m looking for a Next.js configuration with auth v9, there are few difference between oldest version with some hooks now and I don’t find a newest next.js configuration with cookie management server and client side.

Currently we have a react example that’s work fine but not the cookies management from server like auth0 v7 or v8.

If someone have a recent repo with Next.js and auth0 v9 configuration, it’s will be awesome.

Thank you.

Hi @Riposte,

Welcome to the Auth0. Community Forum!

I can’t find an implementation like you describe. Can you submit feedback with a specific request? This helps us track demand. I would be happy to try and walk through an implementation with you if you run into a specific problem.

Can you describe the cookie management issue you are dealing with and post any related errors or code?


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