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Does Auth0 support social share toolbar / edget that we can embed on our page to allow social sharing of our content pages ?


Hey there @rajesh_mahajan, I don’t see we why would run into issues with a social share toolbar. Is there a specific instance where you aren’t seeing it work and you feel Auth0 is preventing it? Are you trying to place it on a hosted login page? I just want to make sure i understand the question better. Thanks in advance!


Hi @James.Morrison, I am looking for some documentation to see, if Auth0 provides built in social tool bar widget capability with social connections like (FB, Twitter, Pinterest and capability to email).


We have some documentation here that dives into how to implement social login. However we don’t have a social tool bar that is prebuilt for use for sharing your apps content. Please let me know if this helps answer your question. Thanks!


I wanted to follow up @rajesh_mahajan to see if you had any additional questions on this matter? Thanks in advance.


Thanks for the follow-up @James.Morrison! No question at this time.


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