Social Login using Android SDK AuthenticationAPIClient

I am using the latest version of the Android SDK and want to implement social login using my own custom UI. When i try calling the AuthenticationAPIClient loginWithOAuthAccessToken it tries calling the “/oauth/access_token” endpoint to which i get a 404 error.

From the Auth0 API documentation I understand that the “/oauth/access_token” endpoint is a legacy one and we should be using “/authorize” endpoint for social login (Authentication API Explorer) . I wanted to check how can we achieve this using the Android Auth0 SDK?

As you mentioned the /oauth/access_token is deprecated and the recommendation is to use /authorize. The Android quickstart shows how you can accomplish this through the SDK WebAuthProvider; in particular, you should focus in the start authentication section. Have in mind that although being the recommendation it does not provide the same exact characteristics of the deprecated endpoint you mentioned.

Thanks for the answer :). Our application requires a very specific look and feel and we wont be able to move to the auth0 web hosted login screen as we cannot let the user see a browser window being opened (we cant seem to find a way to hide the address bar for the web view). Is there a way to have a callback to the native app after facebook authorization?

Sorry for my previous comment i got a bit confused between WebAuthProvider and the hosted auth0 login page. Your suggestion works perfectly. Thanks!

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