Auth0 Android SDK - Passwordless authentication is using deprecated oauth/ro endpoint

Is there a way to use Passwordless login/registration type using Android SDK with OIDC Conformant Mode enabled? I was following the instructions from Auth0 Android Github:

    .loginWithEmail("", "123456", "my-passwordless-connection")
    .start(new BaseCallback<Credentials, AuthenticationException>() {
        public void onSuccess(Credentials payload) {
            //Logged in!

        public void onFailure(AuthenticationException error) {

But I’m getting 404 from oauth/ro endpoint, in docs this endpoint is described as deprecated. Is there a way to use passwordless with correct endpoint?
I was setting the isOIDCConformant flag both to true and to false but it does nothing.

Hey there!

Can I ask you to open a GitHub issue for that in appropriate repo? This way we will be able to handle it most effectively as we will work directly with tool maintainers. Share with us the link to the issue once you have it so we can ping them!

Problem solved, I was not using the newest version which include this fix. Thanks.

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Glad to hear that and thanks for sharing!