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Passwordless SMS Authentication Issue


Hello everyone.

Now I build the SMS authentication module in my project.
I request sms code through [/passwordless/star] url.
so I get the sms code from my cellphone.
After that, I want to submit code to Auth0 through [/oauth/ro] endpoint.
but there is error message “Not Found” when I request to /oauth/ro endpoint

Is there anyway to implement own login module without using Universal Login.
I hope someone helps me to solve this issue.


Hey there @lazarjnvc33!

This feature (/oauth/ro endpoint) is disabled by default for new tenants as of 8 June 2017. Please see Application Grant Types for more information.

Judging by another community post:

/oauth/token is supported and the recommended alternative for /oauth/ro .

Hope it helps some way!


Have you had a chance to check out my previous message above?

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