How to verify SMS code

The project that I’m working on needs to verify a user via SMS (Passwordless). I’m sending the code to the user’s phone via /passwordless/start API. But now I’m unable to verify the code via /oauth/ro because this feature is not supported anymore. I tried with oauth/token with body request something like this:

	"username": "+11111111",
	"grant_type": "password",

But got:

	"error": "server_error",
	"error_description": "Authorization server not configured with default connection."

I started to wonder if SMS code verification is still possible because I didn’t find any relevant docs. I know that this is possible with Lock library, but our project needs to handle this on the backend (NodeJS).

On our passwordless docs page there are some good tutorials that deal with this:

Thx for pointing me to the docs. But the problem was actually in account settings where the default_directory should be defined as a name of the connection to be use for Password Grant exchanges.

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