Social Login user_id not consistent

Hi, I’m running into some issues using Actions with social login.

  1. I found forum posts that using social logins “post-registration Action” won’t work. Though, confusingly, it does fire a log trail when I view logs.

  2. For both post login and postRegistration, the raw payload contains the information I’d want. But There’s no way to inspect what the action actually receives it seems? The test data for an Action’s user.user_id field does not match up with the raw user_id that gets passed in.

  3. If I test the action using the default payload, my code works (writes a user into my external service), and the code is deployed. When I try to run it IRL, it doesn’t actually execute. And there doesn’t seem to be a way to throw an error or debug any kind of console logs.

How can I debug live executions?
How can I simulate a real event (ie, social login)?
Do postRegistration flows actually work for social login or not? The events do fire in the logs.

Thanks for any clarification!

Small sub note, I’d suggest renaming the Login Flow to “Post Login” because it’s referenced as that internally in the API and in the docs, but is confusing if you are looking for Post/Pre naming conventions. Thanks!

An update:

I did make a mistake in that after I created the custom action for the postLogin flow, I didn’t actually go back and “re-add” the action to the flow. Something that would be nice if it was more automated. In that case, the code does work.

However, I’d still like to know why postRegistration events fire under the logged events for social login but doesn’t actually trigger actions assigned to those. Feels like it creates a lot of excessive API calls for those persisting users in external systems and using social login. Thanks!