onExecutePostUserRegistration isn't triggering

We can’t make working our post-user-registration action, no logs, is just like never been triggered, however pre-user-registration is firing without problems. We already have tried to unbind current post user registration action from the flow and then add a new one without results. ¿Anyone has experimented something similar?we need to use both actions, pre-user-registration and post-user-registration.

Any help gonna be appreciated.

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same here, I can not see the logs logged in the Post User Registration Action.

Hey there @elaineeeit and @bilaloginx welcome to the community!

Were you ever able to get this sorted @elaineeeit ?

Just to confirm @bilaloginx , you are testing with a Database or Passwordless connection correct? Pre and Post user registration Actions will not run for Social sign ups.

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Hi @tyf , I verified the following points:

  • Pre User Registration Actions run in Username-Password flow but not in Social Signups.

  • Post User Registration Action did not run in either case. I couldn’t find the logs.


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Hey @bilaloginx thanks for following up, and sorry for the delayed response!

I was able to dig into this a bit internally and it looks like due to the async nature of post-user registration actions these are not logged, even if they run successfully.

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