Social connection button to allow signup via own website (without JavaScript)

Feature: Social connection button to allow sign-up via own website (without JavaScript)

Description: Universal login allows users to sign-up by any social connection that is enabled and it shows all the connections by the buttons on the hosted sign-up without using JavaScript.

It would be useful to be able to show these exact same buttons on my own website. When clicked, it behaves in the exact same way universal login functionality does and follows the universal login flow. (So it’s really just a shortcut to the social login buttons.)

Use-case: I have a custom sign-up form on my own website and this creates a user via the management API.

I would like to be able to offer users the ability to sign-up via a social connection without having to send them to the hosted universal login pages first and without having to use JavaScript.

Thanks for advocating for that and providing all that context!

Any updates with the solution

Hey there!

As of now there are not that many people advocating for this feature so there’s still no ETA when it will get implemented