So is Auth0 Broken for Ionic Latest (3 or 4) mainly @ionic/storage

All the examples seem to have broken @ionic/storage

let storage: Storage = new Storage();

export function getAuthHttp(http) {
    return new AuthHttp(new AuthConfig({
        globalHeaders: {'Accept': 'application/json'}],
        tokenGetter: (() => storage.get('id_token'))
    }), http);

which gives Supplied parameters do not match any signature of call target.

error refers to the first line let storage: Storage = new Storage();

ok I was able to use it by moving my code to a separate file ( I just put it in my AuthService)
this will not work in app.module.ts

then appending it in this fashion

export function AuthHttpServiceFactory(http: Http, options: RequestOptions) {
    let _storage = new Storage({});
    return new AuthHttp(new AuthConfig({
        noJwtError: true,
        tokenGetter: (() => _storage.get('id_token')),
        globalHeaders: {'Content-Type':'application/json'}],
    }), http, options);