Skip Biometric setup on unsupported browsers

Feature: Skip Biometric setup on unsupported browsers

Description: Platform Authenticators are not supported on all browsers, according to Auth0’s documentation. However, when the “Identifier First + Biometrics” Authentication Profile is enabled, users accessing the Universal Login page on unsupported browsers are still prompted to set up Biometrics. When this is attempted, it does prompt the user for biometrics, but the message that’s displayed upon confirming is simply “Awaiting device confirmation” and it is never dismissed or finishes setup.

I’d suggest doing a browser check before displaying Biometric setup. If the browser does not support it, it should not be shown as an option.

Use-case: We have a PWA that uses Universal Login with Biometrics. Displaying the biometrics prompt for users on unsupported browsers creates a broken user experience.

Thanks for the detailed request!