Single Page App get userInfo as an empty object

I have just downloaded the quick-start example of Auth0 SPA React and run it on local.
However, no matter what I changed the scope into, I always got an empty object API when I call user_info endpoint.
Can you please confirm that.
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Hey there @qmau94!

Can you share with us the code snippet you use? Are you able to successfully hit any other endpoint?

Hey there!

Have you had a chance to see my last message?

thanks for replying me
I used the example code for Single App Page (using React)
after login using auth0 login page and handle call back, I got this information

I used the access token code to hit auth0 user info endpoint but we got an empty object.
I have changed the scope of the authentication request from “openid” to “openid profile email” but nothing changed.

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Let me investigate this and get back to you with what I find!

Thanks a lot!

Hey there!

Have you tried using this tutorial on retrieving user profile using our react SDK?

It will guide you step by step how to do it


I used the example and got nothing from user info, can you check that again.

Thanks alot!

Ok thank you! Let me try to go through the tutorial myself and will let you know if it worked on my end!

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many thanks :slight_smile:

Hey there @qmau94!

Sorry it took me so long to reproduce. I managed to successfully get the user profile following the steps in the tutorial I provided above.

Are you sure you’re following the tutorial precisely?

Hey there!

Friendly ping from here :slight_smile: Have you had some time to take a look at my previous message? Have you moved somewhere forward with your development?

Thank you so much for helping me out.
I have created a new tenant and a new application, the sample have just worked fine.
I think that I have messed some settings up on the old one.
We can close this ticket now.
Thanks for your supports :+1:

No worries! Glad that you have it working now!

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