Empty profile in both idToken and userInfo endpoint

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First time using Auth 0. We’re a 2-person team, I’m front end, but it may be a back end issue.

TL;DR - we cannot seem to receive profile information. We have all the logins working, but when we finally get the data via webAuth.client.userInfo(...) calling this endpoint:

  • https://******.eu.auth0.com/userinfo

We get a 200 and an empty object {}.

We have the correct scopes open_id profile email and have read the docs.

I’ve spent the day with both the Vue and Vanilla JS demos here:

Also, the docs here:

As well as a few forum threads, this one being the closest

The OP in the last post said he recreated the tenant and app from scratch, but rather than doing that we’d just like to work out what the settings are that perhaps we have wrong, and go from there.

It’s a bit frustrating as there seem to be differences between some of the docs as well as our experience of the implementation, but hopefully we can get to the bottom of things here.


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Is your callback url going to http://localhost ?

If so, try changing your callback to something like http://jwt.io and log in again, if your ID token shows up with your expected claims on jwt.io then the userinfo endpoint should return data as well and you can switch your callback url back to localhost.

Hey Marcus,

Thanks - tried that and nothing different from what we get locally.

What we’re finding a bit confusing is that 1) the docs here say the data will be in the login payload:

But the docs here say to call webAuth.client.userInfo() to get the user info:

And we’re not getting the information from either of them.

If this indicates a misconfiguration on the server, as the other poster indicated, 1) how did we do that in the first place and 2) what do we do to fix it?

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