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Signup sends multiple welcome emails?



A user that signed up through our Username-Password database connection received multiple welcome emails. I can only see one signup in our logs for that email address, but indeed did our Mandrillapp send out 4 emails.

This has not happened before today - is there something that changed with Auth0? Or could it be Mandrill that is sending multiple emails?


Hi @max2 , not that I am aware of. There’s no anomaly reported for the time being. I will update on this thread later today if I see at least one more. Has this happened to other users as well?


I believe this was the first time that occurred


I keep seeing this occurring.


We’ve been seeing this problem too - a single user signs up through either Gmail or Facebook and then receives four welcome emails every time. We’ve tested this in a number of scenarios. For now, we’ve had to disable welcome emails.

Any suggestions?