Signup sends multiple welcome emails?

A user that signed up through our Username-Password database connection received multiple welcome emails. I can only see one signup in our logs for that email address, but indeed did our Mandrillapp send out 4 emails.

This has not happened before today - is there something that changed with Auth0? Or could it be Mandrill that is sending multiple emails?

Hi @max2 , not that I am aware of. There’s no anomaly reported for the time being. I will update on this thread later today if I see at least one more. Has this happened to other users as well?

I believe this was the first time that occurred

I keep seeing this occurring.

We’ve been seeing this problem too - a single user signs up through either Gmail or Facebook and then receives four welcome emails every time. We’ve tested this in a number of scenarios. For now, we’ve had to disable welcome emails.

Any suggestions?

Hey there everyone!

Sorry for such huge delay in response. We’re doing our best in providing you with best developer support experience out there but sometimes we’re simply struggling with bandwidth compared to how many questions we get. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Can you let us know if you need further assistance and if the issue is still there?

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