Signup seems to be hitting the getUser script

I have created a custom database connection and have tested the login of a user and the reset password of a user, both of which succeed. But now when I try to create a new user using the standard sign-up screen, I am receiving a 401 with:

  fromSandbox: true

I tweaked my getUser script and can confirm the tweaks I make there are being reflected in the /signup POST request.

With a custom database connection although some operations can be performed through Auth0 service endpoints the source of truth for the users is still the underlying store associated with the custom database. This means that when creating a user, the get user script is invoked in order to confirm if the user already exists or not.

From the information you provided it seems that you were simply not expecting that script to be called in that situation, if that’s the case then the behavior you observed (the script being called) is expected. In relation to the error, I’m guessing it’s custom script related, but if you have doubts about how should the custom script react then do update your question with specifics.

After doing a little more research I can make my question more specific.

a) I have a legacy user database and I would like to migrate those users over without the need to change password, and keep their current user IDs.
b) I would like (at the same time) new users to be able to signup with the standard Auth0 signup process.

Is that possible? It seems that if i turn on import that I can’t have a signup process at the same time.

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off topic @jmangelo but did you know that the templates for the custom script for “Get User” are not filled in correctly? I thought only for Oracle. All other templates are fine. Should i create a support ticket for that or just create a new question in this community portal?