Get User scripts of custom database is called twice in various scenarios


We are finding that the Get User script of our custom database is being called twice in various scenarios, including on POST to /users (to add a user through the Management API), clicking continue to send a Forgot Password email from the New Universal Login, clicking the link in the Forgot Password email, etc.

We are interested to know whether this is intentional, and if so perhaps the reason for the duplicate calls.


First there should be multiple call against single user authentication flow.
Are you implimenting your own script (lazy migration) to validate user from external database?

Hey there!

Have you had a chance to see @rashid779939 message?

Yes, @konrad.sopala, actually I did, but we ended up being able to work around the issue that this was causing us and I forgot to reply.

Apologies @rashid779939, thanks for taking the time to respond, but we decided to accept that what was happening was happening and find a way of handling it.


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Gotchya! Thanks for letting us know!