Signing into Auth0 dashboard after G Suite domain change


we are currently changing our G Suite domain and we are using “Sign in with Google” to login into Auth0 dashboard. What will happen when we change our primary domain - e.g. from to We are only changing the primary domain, not creating new G Suite accounts. Will it be possible to log in into our Auth0 account after the migration? How does the internal Auth0 authentication system handle this?

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P.S.: Just to be perfectly clear, this is not a technical question regarding any social login framework, this is a question regarding admin accounts in Auth0.

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Good question indeed! Let me discuss that and I will get back to you shortly!

I think it should just work but let me confirm it.

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Quite the opposite… the user ID will be different so it’s better to create one more dashboard admin with Auth0 connection and after you complete domain migration you can send a new admin invitation to the new email domain.