Sign User instances in and out during development?

I’m looking for an admin tool (perhaps a browser-based App?) that lets me manipulate the “login” state of my User instances during development. I’ve looked around the Tenant dashboard, and I don’t see anything that lets me see or change the login state of any of my User instances.

My project requires that an actual person using my system have one or more personae, where a “Persona” is identified by an email address. Each Persona in my world has exactly one Auth0 “User”, and I use Auth0 for all the authentication. My use case, during development is a consultant who has a “Client1” persona for her interactions with one client, a “Client2” persona for her interactions with a different client, a “Business” persona for her interactions with her colleagues at her firm, and a “Personal” persona that she uses outside of her professional life.
This results in four instances of auth0 User, each tied to one of four instances of a Zeetix Persona.

A key factor is that “Signing out” of one Zeetix Persona does not change the signedin/signedout status of the others. I accomplish this at the moment by saving the sessionToken provided by Auth0 during login.

I envision something similar to the way Google handles profiles and accounts with the widget on the top right of each Google browser App.

My development process will be MUCH easier if I have an out-of-band way to set each of the four Auth0 User instances to either logged in our logged out. I’m at the stage where my backend may be working (I’m not sure!) and I’m working on the React front-end. My front-end populates a Modal with a list of “signed in” and “signed out” personae, and has a button for signing out all personae.

Those lists in my front-end are not populating correctly, and I suspect it’s because my backend server (which the browser interacts with) is out-of-sync with my Auth0 tenant. I’d therefore like a simple and direct way to see and change the logged-in state of my four Auth0 test User instances.

I would be perfectly happy if the existing Auth0 dashboard (Tenant->UserManagement->Users->User) were extended to include a “Login/Logout” button just above the existing “Danger Zone” that invites me to “Delete”, “Block” or “Change” a User.

Even better would be to add a “Logged In” checkbox to the “Users” screen such that it is checked if the User is logged in and can be checked or unchecked to log the User in or out.

I invite this community to either point me towards some App that already exists or perhaps a command line that uses an Auth0 API to accomplish this.