Showing /signup instead of /login using Universal Login and auth0-spa-js

Is there any way of showing /signup instead of /login when calling loginWithRedirect. I cannot for the life of me find out how? Surely it has to be possible, it seems like such a common use case.

Thanks for any help!

Hi @jacobd

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Take a look at this topic, I think it covers it.

Let me know.


Hey! Thanks @dan.woda! And thanks for your answer.

I realize now that my question really was if it is possible when using the new Universal Login page. I think that topic answers it; it isn’t possible.

Edit: I understand the reasons it isn’t possible, but it would be great if it was anyways :joy:. The new Universal Login page is just seems like a better user experience all around.


I appreciate your understanding. We are always looking for input from our customers, the best way to voice your needs is through our feedback page. It is a direct line to our product team and we use it to gauge demand and needs from our customers. Please submit a ticket with your context and the team will get in touch if they need more info!


Cheers! I submitted some feedback.

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