Passing additional query string Universal Login url

Hi There

I am using the Custom Universal Login screen which is invoked from a React SPA application:

     const authFromHook = await createAuthClient({
        prompt: 'none',
        domain: AUTH_DOMAIN,
        client_id: AUTH_CLIENT_ID,
        audience: AUTH_AUDIENCE,
        redirect_uri: redirectUri,

I would like to pass an additional query parameter to the SignUp/Login page that would help my custom Universal page render the appropriate view. In this case, if the application has a “referralCode” then I’d like to render a Sign Up view, otherwise a Login view.

What would be the best way to achieve this?

Thanks ya’ll :slight_smile:

So it looks like login_hint seems to be passed through. However the documentation states that it "only affects the classic Lock experience. " -> but is it oK to be used for this situation?

login_hint: string

Inherited from BaseLoginOptions.login_hint

* Defined in [src/global.ts:41](

The user's email address or other identifier. When your app knows which user is trying to authenticate, you can provide this parameter to pre-fill the email box or select the right session for sign-in.

This currently only affects the classic Lock experience.

You can also pass extra parameters directly, and they will be available in the config.extraParams object.


Could you explain me where to put these extra parameters?

Currently my team is using auth0-spa-js with Angular. We’re trying to pass one simple parameter that we can get into one rule and make some validation with it.